There are many perks to being a celebrity, but having your relatives blab your business to the press is not one of them. Recently,Rihanna‘s 57-year-old father, Ronald Fenty, spoke to The Sun about the “Rude Boy” singer’s past. Although some of the things he said aren’t that big of a deal, others I’m sure Rih-Rih would rather her fans not know. Check out some of the highlights:

On Rihanna’s Childhood Hustle:

“She used to sell stuff on the side of the street like I did [Fenty currently supports himself by selling clothes from the back of a car]. She’d come outside of the store and put up a rack and sell hats and belts and scarves.”

“She would also buy sweets, put them in packages and take them to school to sell to her friends for a profit.”

On Why Rihanna Kicked Him Off Her North American Tour Two-Years Ago:

“I got drunk and had an argument with her brother. There was one night of the tour left in Los Angeles—and I wanted to go there because I know a nice lady in LA—but she made me go home. But families row—it’s all fine now.”

On How His Drug Problem Affected Rihanna:

“I did have a drug problem and Robyn did walk in and see me taking drugs in our house. She was just a little kid and it made her look at me, and other things, differently.”

“I had to give up drugs for my family. I still kind of lost them, I split up with my wife. But I still had to do it for myself and eventually I beat it.”

On Rihanna’s Now Infamous Altercation With Chris Brown:

“It was really tough seeing the pictures of her beaten up.”

“But I have forgiven him. He has lost so much from one stupid mistake. So me making him feel even worse makes no sense. I feel sorry for him now.”

That’s extremely forgiving of him. If it were me who’d gotten beat down, they would still be retrieving pieces of my dad’s shoe out of dude’s ass. I’m just saying.

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