rihanna diva attitudeRihanna showed her ass last night at Webster Hall, refusing Fans autographs, small bloggers interviews, and HipHop culture sites photos & videos during J. Cole event.

She may be a big female pop artists in the game, but her US album sales are Horrible, and sickening!!  Not only are the numbers significantly less than you would think, but Rihanna is also not doing well on her world tours.

Take a look at Rihanna’s sales below, complete with their Billboard peak position.

No. 106, “Good Girl Gone Bad: the Remixes,” 49,000  (2009)

No. 4, “Rated R,” 943,000  (2009)

No. 158, “Rated R: Remixed,” 13,000  (2010)

All albums combined over the past 3 years, Rihanna has sold 1,005,000 units in the U.S., according to SoundScan. Her expensive videos and upfront money eat up all of those proceeds in her recoup clause. Those numbers are absolutely horrible, and if it was not for the world tours she would be extremely broke, and back on her Island selling over priced candy, and lemonade in front of her families house.
It’s easy to blame the disappointing numbers on Rihanna horrible attitude & Diva behavior towards fans & small press outlets.
Chris Brown was the best thing to happen to rihanna career, he helped her record sales immensely, prior to the fight, and break-up. He made her seem likable, and dare I say it — gave her a personality. Her last two albums were generally well received by critics, and had large world tours to support them because of Jay-Z, Rock Nation. It’s obvious that without Jay-Z propping her up, she would be an absolute FLOP, and a Artistic failure!
That being said, in the future Ms Rihanna, be very nice to the fans & the press. Because when you go to venues and refuse to sign autographs for young college students, and won’t let the press get interviews, photos, or video drops. Your career in entertainment will be over sooner than you think, because after that Webster Hall fiasco, you will have far fewer fans, and your publicist will be begging the same press you refused, to cover your failing career.
A deaf mute can sell more than 13,000 records sweetie, it’s obvious you need an behavior adjustment. Start kissing your Fans ass, and most importantly show endless love to those small grass roots bloggers, and HipHop culture sites.  Because without us, your ass is done, and no matter how many men you sleep with, or fights you get into with them, we will no longer give 2 shits about you..!
Jerry Rubenstein
Ex Fan & Press
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