rihanna man down picturesRihanna is nominated for four BET Awards this year. She also recently premiered her new controversial video Man Down that was shot on location in Kingston, Jamaica. The video opens with the singer gunning down a man in a busy train station before flashing back to the previous day. After hanging out on the beach and walking around the city, Rihanna meets a man at a club, only to be assaulted by him later that night. The video echoes the traditional reggae song, with Rihanna singing, “Man Down” was directed by Anthony Mandler, who’s helmed more than a dozen Rihanna videos, including “California King Bed,” “Take a Bow” and “Only Girl (In the World).”

“Man Down” is just one of those songs that demands a strong narrative and visual, and let’s just say she let me go all the way,” Mandler told MTV earlier this month. “It’s something that’s dramatic and shocking and intense and emotional and uplifting and enlightening.” And Rihanna thoughts via twitter saying it’s something that you kids can learn from and she wanted to explore her acting skills.

My thoughts: The video is not as violent as reports are saying and this is nothing knew it has been going on for years. The lesson of the video is to think about what you do, before you do something that you will regret and can’t
go back and change. Keep doing you RiRi!!!


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