Although it was previously reported that Rihanna dissed Ryan Phillippe at a Gucci/Roc Nation brunch in Los Angeles on February 12, it’s now being reported it was quite the opposite. According to, the unlikely duo spent that night together doing the nasty. An inside source said:

“She thinks he’s hot. They totally had sex. And it wasn’t even the first time!”

Allegedly, Rih Rih’s thing with Ryan, who was married to beloved Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon for seven years, began back when she was still dealing with Matt Kemp. According to the source:

“They initially hooked up when things were strained with [Rihanna's ex] Matt Kemp back in early December.”

About a week after the Gucci/Roc Nation event, Ryan attended Rih Rih’s star-studded 23rd birthday party in Beverly Hills, but the two kept things low key:

“They hung out a bit, but were discreet. It is still very casual.”

Said another source:

“Clearly they’re keeping it on the downlow!”

I am not mad at you Rih Rih…Ryan has been one of my white boy crushes for years! Now if you would just figure out a way to hook up with that sexy ass Matthew McConaughey without his girlfriend finding out (it’s not like you haven’t done it before), then I could just live vicariously through you.

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