Hip Hop’s former Geto Boys leader has since been incarcerated and moved to the Harris County Jail as of last week where he is being held for two active child support warrants that total $123,372. He also faces two other child support charges as well as charges from the federal government. According to police reports, bonds have been set on all four cases—one for $93,376, a second one for $50,000, another for $30,000 and the last one was set at $500.
As of today it is unclear how much longer Scarface is expected to spend behind bars, but a media relations rep for Harris County’s 7th precinct states that he will be held until these women accusing him of not paying child support are compensated to some capacity.

P.S. Its looks like it doesn’t matter how famous you are or how much money you have we still have men who don’t want to pay child support. I have an answer keep your bodily fluids to yourself….


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