SERANI, DING DONG Webster Hall Performance HIPHOPWORLD.COM Presents:

SERANI & DING DONG, at Webster Hall was incredible. The performance was one of the best we have seen this year. Serani came out and electrified the crowd, than introduced some friends he brought along. The show was crazy from beginning to end, I actually got caught up in the emotion of the moment when Ding Dong did a free fall into the crowd from a 6 foot elevated stage… The packed house erupted, and Serani followed..  They gave a special shootout to Bernie Man, who is not allowed to perform, after getting out on bail in Jamaica, for a tax issue.

These performers appreciate the love they receive from the audience and they give their all..! Hip Hop Artist need to take note, that walking around on stage, holding your dick, don’t cut it no more.. Perform and give a memorable show, are be left on the side of the digital highway, forgotten.. Cause without a hot show, you won’t be making no bread in the future.. REAL TALK!

We at HipHopWorld recognizes and promote the evolution, and  joining between Hip Hop music & Reggae Music. Each culture has begun a major  shift, to survive this digital age, were music has become free, due to the consumers revolt against the choke hold the Major Music Corporations use to have over the airways in the music industry.  The combination of Hip Hop Culture with Reggae culture has been going on for years, but now it’s mainstream. This combination has risen out of the necessity, that HipHop and Reggae must evolve in order to survive this new digital age of free downloads.

Our freelance cinematographer are the sickest, our interviews are the most in depth, and our artist freestyles be retarded.. We work hard to bring the Hip Hop community back to prominence, and we keep it positive. is elevating Hip Hop Culture back from the gutter, and putting an end to those other garbage, fake hip hop sites.

New York City, and the world as our witness…!   HipHopWorld.Com has arrived, prepare for the revolution, it will be televised ! The return of the even playing field…!

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