Dear Readers,

Today is another day we live in the active world of sexual and predator habits.
It amazes me how young girls these days have matured very much physically and have neglected
to a degree to mature mentally in the social networks they are involved in.

I was in the nail salon the other day and saw a bunch of young girls getting their feet done and nails done etc.
As I was drying my nails at the “dry counter” there was another girl sitting across from me.
I thought she was a very pretty and matuer individual.
She may have qualified for my business program, so I started to ask her some preliminary interviewing questions.

First she was too young as she was only 16 years old and I really thought she was like 19 years old.
She has a nice shape, great skin tone, nice hair, pretty smile, most men would be running after her to gain some time with her.

Her friend proceeded to jump in the conversation and told me “oh she can’t do no business, she has other business to handle”. I was like “okay no problem”.
Her friend was like “SHE IS PREGNANT”!
I am thinking to myself….your life hasn’t even begun yet! You haven’t even finished highschool. You have not lived to experience parties and new friendships.
As the conversation proceeded, she explained that she is scared to have this baby and her boyfriend who is 19 years old has NO JOB! ( Statutory Rape Charge???)

My response was” u wasn’t scared making it”, there is so much birth control methods out there for women to prevent pregnancy and yet even at such
a young age, they still choose to have unprotected sex and once again worry about pregnancy and nothing else.

There are many birthcontrol brands out there like the pill ( some brands are Loestrin, Seasonique, Yaz, Nuvaring). There is also the ” Morning After Pill” that can be taken 24-72 hours after exposure to semen.

A baby is a LIFETIME BILL at a young age, but please somebody tell me….how much does a condom cost????

Guys: Is the raw bare skinned feeling of the inside of pussy really worth a baby you are not ready for or is it worth a lifetime disease that can make your nuts not function anymore???

Women: Is the non-plastic feeling of a cock sliding up and down your hole transmitting baby seeds to impregnate you worth it along with the possible HPV or STD’s???? You have the option to use so many forms of birth control and condoms for STD protection.

Why do you both still proceed to hit each other up raw???? Are the consequences worth it?? Or you guys really think that these things can’t and won’t EVER happen to you?

Somebody enlighten me please.


Queen Love

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