Shawty-Lo-picturesShawty Lo recently signed a deal with G-Unit Records, and he’s already planning on dropping his label debut. Speaking with,
the former D4L member plans on dropping his G-Unit debut Still Got Units after his mixtape B.H.F. (Bankhead Forever), and explained why he signed with the house that 50 Cent.

“I had a couple of meetings with a lot of labels, man, but when I sat down with 50… The vibe was so good, it is what it is. I just signed by the X, baby,” he said. “I signed as an artist, my labels is D4L/G-Unit. I just feel like what he brings to the table is what I feel my recent label should have brought to the table. I just needed a push behind me. What I do for a  living, I am Atlanta, man.  My life story is so real. Twenty-eight arrests,  four convictions. And for me to be here, to change a negative to a positive and to tell my story, it is what it is.”

P.S. It looks like 50 Cents is still hard at work signing new artist make sure his brand remains relevant in the hip hop industry. I love you and you can never do any wrong in my eyes. Shout out to
Shawty Lo on the his new label deal!!!


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