On Saturday August 13th concert goers from all over the tri-state area—New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and even as far as Maryland and Virginia came out to watch what many patrons called, ‘the concert of the summer.’

Presented by ‘Trinifly Promotions,’ Six Flags hosted an ALL STAR line-up including hip-hop and reggae artists Wayne Wonder, Ky-Mani Marley, Anthony B. and Beres Hammond.

The concert was hosted, by none other than Hot 97 DJ JABBA, who is a perfect fusion of both worlds—hosting the Hot 97 Radio show on Sundays and holding down 93.5 FM Irie Jam radio on Saturdays!

“We have a lot of West-Indians [here] but there’s a lot of Americans out [here] who love reggae music and dance hall,” – says Jabba.

Jabba is known widely for his role in the movie, “SHOTTAS” as Dangols and as the annual HOT 97 Host for ‘On Da Reggae Tip’ concert with Bobby Konders.

On this summer day, Jabba did NOT disappoint—as he repeatedly amp’ed-up a crowd of thousands, serving as both ‘host’ and ‘hype man’—while introducing acts onto the stage!

“Where your flags at?  Let me see the red, green and black flags—where my Trini’s at?  Mi see yuh!  Where’s Guyana?  Hold up, I know I saw some Bajan flags!?!  Now—JAMAICA!!!  WHERE ARE MY JAMAICAN FLAGS AT?  JAMAICANS PUT ‘SOMETHING’ IN THE AIR!!”

The 5,000 plus crowd, was now on their feet—screaming and cheering!!!

Each time Jabba came to the stage, he brought that heightened intensity—that fire!  When asked how he gets motivated to do what he does, Jabba replied quite humbly suggesting that without the fans there would be no show, “That link we make for the people dem!”

He pauses for a second and offers an after-thought, “It’s a joy-ting.” Jabba says with a smile.

We see you Jabba!  BIG tings a gwaan!


About Kasheba:

Ka’Ja Johnson is a journalist from New York City! While working closely and consistently with COMCAST Media, BET-J, MTV2, JUMPOFF.TV, C.I.N. and now HIPHOPWORLD.com, Ka’Ja has been able to pioneer, hands-on experience with education—making her an ultimate hustler. A woman on the grind, Ka’Ja has interviewed celebrities: singers, athletes, actors, models fashion designers etc.

“I definitely think that Journalists and bloggers alike should have a responsibility to report with integrity! No lies, no hype, just the facts—and the story should pretty much write itself!”

When asked, who her favorite Hip-Hop artists the game right now? Ka’Ja looks like a kid in a candy store, “Tinie Tempah, Tyga, Jay-Z, Swizz BeatZ’, Jadakiss—and YES I STILL LOVE TUPAC! Also too, I’d wish Eve would come out with a new album but I do like some of Nicki Minaj’s stuff!!

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