Presents: SLAUGHTER HOUSE, Shady Records first Rap Group, Live an in concert.  December 29, 2011

Slaughter House is without question, the hottest & Most talented Rap group in HipHop today,  They are the lyrical titans of HipHop, with members from across the country and cultural divide. Joell Ortiz, Crooked Eye, Joe Buddens, and Royce Da 59, were all underrated and didn’t get radio play, which was sad and unfortunate for the real HipHop fans, and people that love lyrics.  This was based on politics & payola, If you don’t pay the DJ, radio don’t play your music. Which is one of the main reasons HipHop got fucked up in the first place, and people stop buying music that was being force down their throats..  Why are we forced to listen to the same old trash on the radio, day in & day out.. My bad, I went on a Rant..!

But now on Shady Records these dudes can finally get their respect and over due recognition.. They are Lyrical giants, and monsters on the Mic. Their stage shows are hot, engaging and very funny at times. They are all different, and flow like a highly tuned Formula race car together. I was rocking with them before Shady Records, but for all you new comers, it’s about time..!

CEO: J. Alphonso Griffin

VP: Victor Flowers

Graphics: France ” U Conn ” Connect


About A. Griffin:
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