Television becomes reality for “Snoop” of HBO’s “The Wire” is among 60 people charged with conspiring to sell and distribute illegal drugs in a Baltimore drug raid.

Thursday March 10, 2011, the Associated Press reported actress Felicia Pearson—most widely known from HBO’s “The Wire”—was among 60 people arrested in a Baltimore drug raid. Pearson, 30, was charged with conspiring with two men to distribute heroin and aiding and abetting. Officers seized $69,000, four guns, marijuana and heroin in what has been named “Operation Usual Suspects.” The case was built on hundreds of hours of investigation dating back to 2008.

A federal indictment, which was unsealed Thursday, states that since 2008, members of the drug ring purchased heroin from New York and marijuana from California and sold the drugs in Baltimore neighborhoods. Twenty-two of the 60 people arrested face state charges, and an additional 15 are charged with conspiracy to distribute drugs and possession with intent to distribute. Another unnamed person was arrested earlier this month and charged in a federal criminal complaint. Authorities are still looking for the remaining 26 people charged.

The series “The Wire” did a six-year run on HBO; the show was a cult favorite among those in and outside of Hip Hop. Damn it looks like Hollywood isn’t at all what it seems more and more stars continue to sell drugs to maintain… I feel so sad for her. Plus its a federal case so she’s definitely about to do some hard time unless she turns into an infomer never the less her career is over thats the sadest part. How could someone get over that?

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