Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy will drop his latest mix tape, “Juice” on April 20. Soulja Boy worked with both DJ Scream and DJ Swamp Izzo for the project which is described as one of his best works to date. Here’s the quote: “Soulja Boy’s new mixtape Juice is his best mixtape work to date,” said DJ Scream in a statement. “It still has that young vibrant energy that his music has always possessed, but in a more mature fashion.” Juice will be the third project Soulja Boy and DJ Scream have worked on together.

P.S. Well it looks like Soulja Boy isn’t slowing down anytime soon and will continue to ride his 15 minutes of fames which has now turned into years. For him to be so young he has a great business mind especially with the new generation and everything becoming so viral. Shout out to Soulja on all the success!!! Oh yea please don’t come out with any more dance rap songs that shits got to go…

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