HipHopWorld’s perspective on Steve Harvey’s premeditated fake beef with Top Rappers:

Steve Harvey taking shoots at top rappers for disrespecting black women & other minority women of color in their music, and videos. This retarded behavior by the Rap Elite, and Underground Rappers is tired, and shows a lack of creativity, morals, principles, and respect for the women in their own families.

This shit has been going on since the music industry executives forced Gangsta Rap down the throats of our community, and the entire world. Which resulted in countless deaths, and the spreading of gang culture & violence in the minority communities all across America where gangs never existed!  The destruction of our communities, incarceration of our children by the millions, and making billions from their business decisions & actions to assist the private prison corporations. 

Thank God for Napster, and the fallout it created by shifting power back to the people, temporarily! 

Dolores Tucker spearheaded the initial volley of protest, with big time church ministers, and some heavy politicians! Tupac responded directly with a song ” You Wonder Why We Call Them Bitch” !

(My bad, I lost it for a moment, back to Stevie!)

Where the hell has Steve Harvey been, living under a ROCK?  Yes, the Rock of Exploitation for profits!

We believe this is Steve’s effort to attract women viewers, and create a win win scenario for himself by escalating a beef with the top rappers, and sucking them into the trap!  All to increase the ratings of his new talk show, damn shame!  

Why he beefing now and not before, he’s always had numerous distributions channels to the public?  Radio Shows, TV shows, Commercials, PSA, One Night Stands, Sitting in back of a Pick-up truck with a blow horn!

Keep it real Stevie, don’t front and play politics, cause you’ll lose all credibility with us player. We like you, don’t fuck it up, cause you real suspect talking shit about lyrics we can catch you playing on your iPod, car radio, and or spitting some grimy Lyrics in your wifes ears to keep the marriage exciting!

Nothing like some hard body Lil Wayne lyrics, to get wifey hot and ready to RUMBLE!  LMFAO, LOL, OMG, REALLY, I CAN’T,  STOP PLAYING, YOU KILLING ME SON!

Good Luck Stevie, but don’t think you gonna use us, than discard us like the rest of your corporate buddies, cause we are all used up!



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