Your wrinkled old grandma was right when she said “when you have your health, you have everything”. Most people take their health for granted, until it starts to vacate their fleshy premises. They drink, smoke, and do drugs. They have unprotected sex with multiple men, women, and livestock. And some of them even try to fleece the public by intentionally under-developing tech products, just so they can sell the new and improved version weeks later. Oh and then they get cancer. Is this the universe balancing the equation? Is this karma finding it’s way through the cosmos to it’s intended target? Or is payback a bitch and you should learn when to quit while you’re ahead?

It seems that poor billionaire Steve jobs’ pancreatic cancer has returned. He has previously taken a medical leave to deal with his illness. It seemed that it went into remission. But as naughty cancer tends to do, it has resurfaced. Much like iPad 2, it is probably an improved version from the last one. I know I sound like a cold hearted bastard, but saying this in fairytale form won’t save Jobs from his fate. The fact is, pancreatic cancer is one of the more serious of the cancer strains. The survival rate for this affliction is about 10%. Much like the odds of finding a coupon for a half price Mac, things don’t look good. Whats really sad about this, aside from the impending death of this human, is that for a guy that is apparently so smart, he must have dopes littering his inner circle. You would think that with the statistics I found in 45 seconds on Google, he would be using some of those billions to at least try other avenues of healing his cancer. “Did he say heal cancer?” Yes, I said heal, as in cure. I am known as a wack-job to some in my own inner circle, but what does this guy or anyone else with pancreatic cancer have to lose. There is an institute that was founded decades ago, which has been curing cancer for all of those decades. It’s called the Gerson Institute, and it was founded by Dr. Max Gerson. I’ve watched a couple of documentaries on them and they seem to be the truth. They have their detractor, but none of the detractors have proof. They have medical files and living cancer patients as their proof. They are in Mexico of course because America has no interest in curing cancer. It would affect the country clubs and golf club manufacturers too much.

It seems however, that at a personal net worth of $6,000,000,000 and climbing, chances are Jobs won’t be able to save himself. He, nor anyone else around him it seems are smart enough to type in ‘natural cancer cures’ into Google. So I say, since you are going to sleep with the iFishes anyway, why not help your legacy before you go. The fucking iPad came out just over a year ago. I’m actually surprised they waited this long to come out with the new version. I guess they had a bigger load of suckers than the market projected. Whatever ‘improvements’ they added to it could have been put on the first one. Technology is too advanced for me to believe that what they made today, couldn’t have been made 10 months ago. I bought an iMac several years ago. Three months later, they came out with a new version that had a different chip set in it. Why? Was that chip set not available three months prior? Of course it was, but they wouldn’t have been able to sell two of the same machines if they didn’t alter them slightly. It is just pure greed. And the ‘sheeple’ just keep following along. It’s pretty fucked up the way they cultivate and take advantage of this ‘I need the latest’ culture. But I guess that’s what capitalism is all about. Well Steve, all I can say is, you better hope I’m right and God doesn’t exist. Because if he does, I’m pretty sure there’s no WiFi in iHell.


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