Breaks up a Family

This is a tragic story right here. Where two black women go at odds in regard to a black man again and what’s really surprising is how super star Alicia Keys thinks she got away with something. We call women like her sluts and home wreckers who should be praying to God that the same thing doesn’t happen to them… And karma is a bitch just like you Alicia for doing that to Mashonda, first sleeping with her husband which is a sin, then getting pregnant by a married man. I want to say that respect goes far and Mashonda ex-wife of Swizz Beatz has lots of it.

Glad she is doing something for herself now appearing in the new Reality Show starting in March on VH1. Nobody wanted to say anything about Alicia but I’m speaking up. Her music doesn’t even sound the same to me, plus what woman who’s 8 months pregnant climbing on top of a piano to sing. That shit was just a statement from a hoe saying I took your man bitch! Take his ass Alicia, him and all the millions he owes to the IRS….. Song bird gone wrong you would think a super star of her status would hook up with someone on her level. Like Jay and Bey!  Alicia Keys not so innocent after all!!! Swizz Beatz currently looks like a fool with his choices on fashion lately. Plus his music is wack!

This is how it started! Em!

He Loved Mashonda too Alicia....

Signing Off

RiRi RocStarr!

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