T.I. has been put through some more drama as of last week. After serving almost all of his 11-month sentence, Tip was released to a halfway house on Wednesday morning, with news shortly following that his novel Power & Beauty would drop in October and that he was shooting a new reality show to air on VH1 in December. But not even a day later, he was hauled back to prison because officials had beef with him riding a luxury tour bus from the facility to his  halfway home. Tip is currently back in federal custody.

On Wednesday he tweeted before knowing he was going back to jail “The storm is over and da sun back out,”. “It’s our time to shine, shanty! Welcome to the beginning of our happy ending.”


P.S. Common sense was given by God to be used on a daily bases. I love Tip’s music but the man has no sense, who in the hell would think it was ok to ride a tour bus to the half way house. COME ON NOW!!! Reports states Tip will not be released until September 29, 2011.


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