Presents @TECHNI9E Concert in NYC, Stage show: one of the best in the Industry !  Performance: One of the best in the Game ! Fans: Know all the words to the older songs & THE NEW, fucking for real, and I never ever ever saw that before, NO!  

TECH NI9E is the General, and the most selling, highly sought after Independent Artist in the HipHop world, Bare NONE !  Watch the beautiful Female Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, and the Girls Next door, flash their Breast, Jump in the Marsh-Pits, and Kiss strangers in the mouth!!!! That’s what come with a ticket to a TECH NI9E concert..! The women fans love him so much that they give the entire stadium, 360 flashes of their Tittles, and I got it on film for you to see..!!! Yep Yep!

Words can not express the feeling, of the 9 1/2 next to me flashed us all on his word from the stage! prior to that, we had a very intellectual conversation, and I felt she was out of my league, LOL ” Just Fucking wit You”  No women is ever out of my League..! I rock European Princesses my G..! Real Talk, I’m HipHopWorld & You can be also..!!! Ba BOOM BOOM BOOM! (Pause) I love hard core Girls..!  (Pause) Ba BOOM BOOM BOOM!

LMFAO, MayDay in the Building, Did I mention Tech Ni9e found these Dudes, and signed them to his independan

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