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Hip Hop has a rich and deep history. Its roots stem from traditional African music, although many people of every nationality listen to hip hop in the modern day. It’s on the radio, the charts, and television, but not everyone knows how hip hop formed and rose to popularity.

The term

The word hip hop is credited to Kieth cowboy. It is believed that Kieth created the term to tease a friend who just joined the army. Kieth did this by scat singing the words hip hop in a rhythmic way that made fun of marching soldiers. However, Afrika Bambaataa is credited for using the term hip hop to describe the subculture that this music belonged to.

Where it started

In the early 1970′s, block parties in New York started to become popular. In the Bronx, African American and Puerto Rican influences merged. DJ’s were introduced to these block parties to play popular music, especially in the funk and soul music genres.

DJ Kool Herc

As these block parties grew increasingly popular, DJ’s started to single out the beats in the records. DJ Kool Herc emigrated to America from Jamaica in 1967, and he started extending the short beats by using an audio mixer and two records. This was the first beginning of the turntable. It wasn’t long that turntable techniques like scratching, looping, and beat mixing developed. In the early days, hip hop was almost a sub genre of disco music since it heavily relied on disco rhythm and loops.

The 80′s

In the 1980′s, hip hop began to grow more complex and diverse. Drum machines and samplers were becoming the instruments of choice instead of vinyl records. Tape loops were beginning to lose its use. It was in this decade that the hip hop genre moved outside of the United States. The first aspect of hip hop culture to be introduced to countries like Japan, Germany, and Australia was B-boying.

Around 1983-84, a new school of hip hop emerged; it eliminated the element of disco and funk, and the songs were shorter and more cohesive for radio play.. LL Cool J and Run DMC were a couple of the leading pioneers in the new style. New school hip hop is notable by its political messages and boasts about rapping in an aggressive fashion. Most new school hip hop artists during this time came from New York. This era became known as the “Golden Age” – Rolling Stone Magazine said that almost every new single re-invented the genre.

West Coast Hip Hop

Gangsta rap, also known as West Coast hip hop, is a sub-genre of hip hop. It formed primarily in Los Angeles, California. Gangsta rap adopted a violent theme, and defended itself by saying that it describes what inner city life is like. Straight Outta Compton, released in 1988 by N.W.A, was the single that established West Coast hip hop as major genre.

Hip hop has grown since the early 90′s. It has been an ever evolving genre that has never ceased to provide new entertainers. The world of hip hop is still growing, and newer artists are pushing the style of the genre into new generations and coming up with creative hip hop videos



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