Tick-tock, tick-tock, the time she ticks away. Remember back when you were in school, and you were challenged to a fight at the end of the day. Chances were it was a bigger kid than you, because a smaller kid wouldn’t have the balls to challenge you to a fight. Unless of course he was being physically abused at home by his step-dad, with the fungus toe nails, who didn’t wear any underwear under his robe. Lets assume it was the bigger kid for the sake of argument. You weren’t right for the rest of the day knowing that at about 3:07PM, you might be getting your head bashed against the iron bars of the school fencing, while a crowd of kids mocked your poor attempt at gladiatorial combat. Well, I keep seeing things that tell me that the school day is coming to an end and we’re gonna catch a beating that will make us crap in our ‘underoos’.

I saw a report in the NY Times that said that Camden N.J. had to lay off over 160 police officers due to the financial crisis in the city. Needless to say that crime has picked up in the streets. Citizens are placing 911 calls with declining optimism that they will yield police assistance as it once did. One officer said, if your not dead or dying, you may as well deal with your situation yourself. In the first two months of 2011 alone, the number of firearm assisted assaults almost quadrupled to 79, from 22 this time last year. The police chief himself, is running down crooks in the street like Charles Bronson in ‘Death Wish 3′. He’s made five arrests alone, due to lack of manpower. Of course the drug dealers are just thrilled to death. This could become literal death for the unprotected residence of Camden if things don’t get any better. According to our criminologist Stacey Sunshine, the forecast is cloudy with a chance scattered bodies in the streets. You see people, it doesn’t look like things are going to get better in Camden. In fact, things will get way worse for them before they even contemplate getting better. Thats the bas news. The good news is that they wont develop any type of self esteem complex, because many more cities in this country will be in their situation from the way things are looking. Hmm, maybe that was the bad news?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that food prices, gas prices, and prices in general have been on a steady rise. And it’s not because bacon is now being sliced off the ass of that pig from ‘Babe’ either. It’s because the U.S. dollar is not so slowly, disintegrating into the economical landfill. The U.S. debt is now in the multiple trillions of dollars, and is now more than ever a dead-beat ‘uncle’. Many high profile economists don’t believe there will be any white-night country to swoop in and save our asses with a miracle loan this time. America will default on its massive debt, sooner more likely than later. And when that happens, it’s goodbye ’American Idle’, hello ‘American Gangster’. Camden is the warning shot across the bow. What will happen when more and larger cities are forced to cut back on social services like, the police, the fire department, and public transportation? It’s going to be a fuckin’ mess, that’s what. As I said before, criminals are cowards who prey on those who are less powerful than themselves. The police are the one who even up the odds, when they’re not ‘on the take’. When their presence starts to wane, the scum will become more brazen. Thats when the citizens will have to take up the slack and even up those odds. It doesn’t sound pretty, but it does sound familiar. Already across the world, governments have been and are continuing to buckle under this global financial slide. There are several cities in the U.S. that are clearly on their way. We may be the last country to crumble, but last is not never. Do yourself a favor and buy a few cans of peas, a jug of water, and something that goes ‘pow’ when you pull the trigger. Oh yea, you may wanna download ‘Death Wish 3′, so Charlie Bronson can show you how to handle chaos.


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