I diligently try to blind myself to all thing reality, as it relates to television. You would think browsing CNN’s website would be a safe time killer with this mandate in mind. However, that seems not to be the case. I stumbled upon an article querying whether or not the reality show ‘American Idol (idiot)’ was sincere in an apology relating to the ghoul, Steven Tyler and his antics. Apparently, this undead member of the rock band Aerosmith, has been using foul language and acting ‘inappropriately’ with some of the hotter ‘Idiot’ contestants. It seems that no one expected a drug-riddled rocker to misbehave once in a while.

The fantasy that this country has, that all of their children are pure until they find out that they’re not is as annoying as it is amusing.  Look at Steven Tyler. The man looks like Mechagozilla chewed him up, put him under his desk, left class, and forgot him until the next day. He’s rich, haggard, and doesn’t give a fuck. You’ve been lucky he’s behaved himself to this point. But in order to protect the kids, they have to issue an immediate apology or else the next generation will be lost. Oh wait, I forgot – kids think cursing is normal. It’s the parents that will form protests and boycotts because they think their kid hasn’t told them to go fuck themselves as soon as they leave their room.

Quite frankly, I’m tired of having to suffer for the weak who might drink a drano cocktail, or play “Grand Theft Auto’ with real cars, just because they saw or heard it replicated through some form of entertainment. Look at the list of Super Bowl halftime acts we’ve had since Justine Timberlake intentionally pulled out Janet Jackson’s nipple as a a big finale . . . then subsequently bailed on her during the aftermath,leaving her alone to be shunned and ridiculed . . . pussy.

-Paul McCartney

-The Rolling Stones


-Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

-Bruce Springsteen

-The Who

They hired every saggy-balled, white band they could find, as a preemptive strike against titillating the minds of the pliable youth. The only person not eligible for social security on this list is Prince, and he’s one more split away from being in a wheelchair.

Here’s a tip for the network executives out there who want to keep their golden parachute intact. It’s called a golden parachute for a reason. It means you’ll get your multi-million dollar parting gifts no matter what you do. So leave us the fuck alone, and let us grownups watch what we want to watch. Let the parents watch with their poorly raised children. Then we can all watch our society slip into the intellectual, cultural, and practical abyss. If Steven Tyler wants to say “fuck” on television, let him. If he wants to flirt with a female contestant 10 years younger than his own daughter, let him. All you guys have to do, is what you always do. Flash a bogus disclaimer before the show, unleash your Jews upon the legal system,  and then check for the outcome in a few years on CNN – from your villa in the Swiss Alps. Pussies.

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