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During an interview with Houston’s The Box during BET Awards weekend, Toya Carter confirmed there will not be a third season of “Tiny and Toya”. But good news for her is she got her own spinoff show. Toya says there’s no beef with Tiny, they’re just breaking off doing their own thing. The reality show is titled “Toya’s Family Affair” focusing on her boo Memphitz and her daughter Reginae Carter.  And she’s planning to open a boutique called Like Mother Like Daughter in New Orleans or Atlanta. While Tiny her friend is focusing on her music and her marriage…

Toya is maintaining a friendship with ex-husband, Lil’ Wayne stating were cool. On her boyfriend, MeMphHitz CEO of HITZ Committee Record Label: Toya says “Yes he’s like sexy chocolate. (Laughter) He’s a family guy and that’s what I love. Like, he was raised by both parents until his father passed away. She says he is well-mannered nor is he selfish. He’s 100 percent supportive and a good friend everything she ever wanted in a man. Respectful: “Let me open the door for you”. “He shows me and my daughter lots of respect”.

On what we can expect from her upcoming book: The name of the book is Priceless Inspirations. Toya states it’s about her life and growing pains and things I chose to share with younger girls. An example is teen pregnancy; domestic violence, drugs, and the business-the list goes on. Relationships, boys-it’s all types of stuff, like heart break. Just everything that I have been through that has made me the woman that I am today. Sometimes people say you have to go through things to kind of get it.

Toya Carter is an inspiration to all young women who may have low-self esteem and who may think their life is over for whatever reason. Just know that God loves you all the time and you should never give up on your dreams whether its success, love or both. Stay focused on your goal, work hard and at the end of the rainbow there will be GOLD… Hard Work Always Pays Off!!!!

Memphitz & Toya At His Birthday Party! 12/17/2010

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