Trick Trick a Detroit rap artist states “if you labels are not interested in Signing Detroit Rappers,  and their Artist not performing with a Detroit hip hop artist you shouldn’t come  here..!!! ”

You probably can perform at the Palace in Auburn Hills which is the suburbs where it’s highly secured but not in the D. Some victims you may remember would be Trick Daddy for being disrespectful to Trick Trick Mayor of hip hop in Detroit. Trick Daddy from Miami got his ass stomped out back stage for calling Trick Trick something other than his name. Then their is Yung Berg, who got his ass beat down and at the same time, & got his fake ass Transformer chain snatched according to reports and videos.  Now everyone keeps talking about the chain cost $10,000. Sources say it was silver with rhine stones on the piece it cost about $100.00… And last their is Jim Jones, it looks like he had to shoot his way out the club because I guess he knew what was about to go down. .. YO JIMMY YOU AND TRICK TRICK SHOULD WORK THINGS  OUT,  DETROIT LOVES YOU!!! Now this is what happened…..

REASON: Reports say Detroit police are standing by their story that Trick Trick was shot at a local nightclub (March 16, 2009) despite the rapper’s denials. Reports claimed that Trick Trick was shot in the thigh and was expected to recover. Hours later, Trick Trick would appear on Detroit’s WKQI-FM (95.5) claiming that he was at home and denied being shot. “I’m at home. I ain’t left this house since Saturday,” the rapper said. Despite his denials, Detroit police confirmed to The Detroit Free Press that Trick Trick was shot last night and was treated at a local hospital. They claim they questioned Trick Trick (born Christian Mathis) about the shooting and his denials are untrue. Real Niggas don’t  run to the police and  snitch, like a bitch…!!!   TRICK TRICK also states  ” DETROIT  is a NO SNITCH ZONE ”

P.S. Even Ricky Rosay was afraid to perform at St Andrews in Detroit where the audience could reach out and touch him. especially since he use too be the Police, before the tattoos & Thug rapping…!  So he refused to perform after the music started and he was on stage sweating profusely and it wasn’t because he was fat. His ass was under pressure!! Word of advice if you not giving when you come to Detroit, they gone take it from you especially if you are WEAK so stay on your toes!

Trick Trick No Fly Zone Video: Starring Royce Da5 Nine, MC Search, Trick Trick

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