So I see that now the “stars” (which is an obscene embellishment) are now dancing on ice. “Skating With The Stars” debuted on one of the portals of stupidity yesterday and I just can’t stop being repulsed by the dreck that is put on television. Literally, Satan, Hitler, Dick Dastardly, and Sling Blade are sitting in a room coming up with shows to sell to the networks who in turn sell them to you, so that the marketing team can sell add space to the companies who want to sell you their products. And since fast food ads are the number one ads shown on television, it means that you are sold a package of SHIT

. . . TWICE! I won’t even go into the death that comes in the form of burgers fries and shakes. But I can’t get over how little brainpower it takes to come up with a show that satiates millions of people who chooses to use little brain power. And when people continue to ask for what they get, my sympathy stream dries up faster than the good times at a bar mitzvah when Mel Gibson’s gift is opened. So if any television executives are per chance slumming on the net and stumble across this, here are some show ideas for the one celled amebas you call a viewing audience.
FREE BASING WITH THE STARS – Low budget project since the stars will probably have their own smack.
HIV TESTS WITH THE STARS – You can have the stars get their results from Regis on the who wants to be a millionaire set. The sweaty brow close ups as Regis prolongs the results will be ratings gold.
B-MOVIE AUDITIONS WITH THE STARS – Follow former A listers as they have to go on auditions for straight to DVD movies with latest dirty south rappers who will be making more than them on the project. (production note – timer at the right corner of the screen to see how long it takes before the celeb calls the rapper the N-word.)

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