Remember when Chris Brown couldn’t buy a hit single, literally—well it was Tyga—that put Chris Brown back on the map— Real Talk!

Tyga aka “MR. DUECES”…

Well now, Tyga is gearing up—he and Young Money that is— for his debut album CARELESS WORLD to drop by the
end of the summer.

“I was one of the first artists signed to Young Money…before ‘the Carter III’—before he [Wayne] even formed the whole group. I was in there learning and watching…and watching everything and it just happened naturally,” said

Tyga grew up in Compton California, where he recorded his first song at eleven years old in a make-shift studio he built in his room.

“It was just fun to hear your voice back. When you hear your voice back, you just want to get better,” exclaimed

As a youth in Compton—one group that influenced Tyga, naturally, was NWA—and Michael Jackson.

“I had this VHS tape of Michael Jackson that I use to watch every day. It was crazy how people wre crying for him.
I just thought it was impossible to do so I really just wanted to do it [the impossible],” noted Tyga.

When asked if he thinks that Hip Hop artists have lost a lot of their quality since the earlier days of NWA—Tyga
makes a valid point:

“I ain’t gonna’ say no names, but it’s a lot of new people I feel who get the credit who really ain’t doing nothing
that moves me. As an artist I love watching other artists and listening to other artists but some of them just don’t
have nothing crazy. They’re just regular. It’s just hype. I’ve never been one to feed into all of that [hype].”

Wooooo—those are big words for someone with no album out yet, but we have a feeling that PUBLIC ENEMY just
might AGREE with TYGA!!!


About Kasheba:

Ka’Ja Johnson is a journalist from New York City! While working closely and consistently with COMCAST Media, BET-J, MTV2, JUMPOFF.TV, C.I.N. and now, Ka’Ja has been able to pioneer, hands-on experience with education—making her an ultimate hustler. A woman on the grind, Ka’Ja has interviewed celebrities: singers, athletes, actors, models fashion designers etc.

“I definitely think that Journalists and bloggers alike should have a responsibility to report with integrity! No lies, no hype, just the facts—and the story should pretty much write itself!”

When asked, who her favorite Hip-Hop artists the game right now? Ka’Ja looks like a kid in a candy store, “Tinie Tempah, Tyga, Jay-Z, Swizz BeatZ’, Jadakiss—and YES I STILL LOVE TUPAC! Also too, I’d wish Eve would come out with a new album but I do like some of Nicki Minaj’s stuff!!

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