I’m not a religious man, so the threat of eternal damnation does little to quell my inappropriate thoughts and subsequently my writing. God can bless deez nuts . . . see what I mean? But every man has something that would make him walk the straight and narrow. Every person has their on line in the sand that they are afraid to cross for one reason or another. Death, prison ass-rape, fucking a homeless person, these are all things that would make an individual think twice if their next action was followed by one of these consequences. Prior to today, I thought I knew what mine was. But I have been chilled to the bone by the prospect of Tyler Perry TV. I may never type ‘fuck’ again . . . may.


To the detriment of what’s left of the black race, and the pure joy of white supremacists everywhere, Perry is negotiations with Lionsgate studio’s to create the “Tyler TV” cable channel. A channel filled with Perry classics like “House of Payne”, and “Meet the Browns”.  Possible new titles include “Sambo and Son” and “The Jigaboos”. Let me state this clearly for the record. I applaud and commend Perry for his business and financial achievements. He has achieved what few have done in this country, given the same basic circumstances. And none of the others have been black when they did it. I just hate the shit he makes, thats all.


On an artistic and creative level, it’s slop. It can, and has been argued, that on a social and cultural level, his work is the equivalent of a Trojan horse. Except it’s the gift that keeps on taking . . . brain cells from the victims. I ‘heard’ a Tyler Perry movie from the kitchen of a friends house once. And for about 7 minutes  I heard nothing but a black woman screaming at a black man and breaking shit. Later, said ‘buck’ uttered the cheese line of the movie, “you have to learn how to love me”. The line was delivered with more ‘ham’ than “Boarshead” could supply. He’ll get it right one day though, because if he keeps working with Perry, he will eventually be in another ‘black people need to get along but can’t because we don’t know how to communicate, so we need some transvestite to set us stright’ movie.

And I didn’t even mention that he’s gay.

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