Vivica A. Fox is dismissing talk that her friends are against her impending nuptials to Atlanta club promoter, Omar ‘Slim’ White, 27. As I previously told you, Slim presented the Independence Day actress with an 8-karat sparkler when he proposed to her over the Christmas holiday, but not too long after word of their engagement began to seep out, rumors began to spread that Viv’s inner circle (with the exception of Star Jones) isn’t to happy about the duo’s plans to jump the broom. A source told

“A few of her friends are worried that White might be using Vivica, but Star has been really supportive about the engagement.”

“Vivica is a tough lady, and she has told her inner circle that they had better back her decision or run the risk of losing her friendship.”
It would be totally understandable if Viv’s friends were a little skeptical about Slim’s intentions, especially since dude recently revealed toSandra Rose that there hasn’t been any talk of a prenup between he and his bride-to-be, but according to Viv, her friends share in her excitement over her upcoming trip down the aisle. She told Sister 2 Sister Magazine:

“It is completely not true!! All of my friends are very happy for me!”
As for talk that Slim’s intentions are less than honorable, Viv said:

“He is such a wonderful man and he makes me very happy. Very down to earth and fun!”

Okay Viv, but that doesn’t mean your future husband isn’t trying to get some of that Kill Bill money. I’d hate for you to have to Set It Offbecause dude took all your bank in the divorce that I’m certain is going to happen.

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