WAKA FLOCKA is at it again, we love Waka Flocka, and his mom, he is the author of one of my favorite songs of all times, “No Hands”!

Waka has assembled an all star cast of crossover artist. That’s exactly what I said, crossover, Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida are no longer considered Rap artist. They are Hybrid pop artist that will rap on occasion!

Nicki Minaj, wants to be Lady Gaga 80% of the time & 20 % of the time when her glass slipper cracks & falls off, she becomes Young Money’s female Siren!

No disrespect to Flo Rida, cause he has crossover appeal. The facts indicate that most of his audience, that buys his music and concert tickets are caucasian kids.

Flo is a party rapper, he left bang bang shoot-em up a long time ago, in his distant past. We never hear him on Urban stations like Hot 97, we hear him all day on the pop stations!

Tyga, we love also, but his new issue is, well, that’s Black China alleged baby daddy, lmao, really dude?

What’s really hood with the DNA test, wishful thinking isn’t gonna cut it this time!  As all the clients at The King Of Diamond  (Hottest Strip Club in Florida) chant in protest, DNA, DNA, DNA, I am Black China’s baby daddy, No, I am Black China’s baby daddy, No, I am Black China’s baby daddy” etc! Imitating the end of Spike Lee’s Malcolm X movie.  We have had several artist claiming to be the father,  but they want to keep it anonymous of course.

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