Looks like another rapper who can’t leave his old habits behind. Baton Rouge, Louisiana emcee Webbie was arrested on Monday on charges of drug possession and tampering with evidence after being pulled over on a routine stop. Tennessee Highway Patrol officers arrested the rapper who was in a rental car and found 2 ounces of marijuana and over $13,000 in a cardboard box. Officers also say that Webbie threw marijuana out of the car window, according to Gainesville.com’s news report.

Webbie was not the only person affected here. Another passenger was arrested on a gun charge after police found a loaded revolver and the driver was found to be operating the vehicle on a suspended license.

According to the Examiner, Lil Webbie was accompanied by Derric Watson, who was the driver and Michael Abbott, who had the revolver…

My opinion: This is starting to become an epidemic for male rappers in the industry. You say you want to make a change but you’re still doing things that could hurt your career especially if you are in jail… FOOD FOR THOUGHT: YOUR LABEL WILL DROP YOU!!

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