Much like Superman, Batman, or in the case Black Lightening, President Obama has pulled us up from the pool of man eating sharks just in the nick of time. SB#1 (soul brotha #1) has just put in motion a deal that rips us from the brink of economic collapse . . . at least for another year or so. Agreed to by many, and denounced by even more, the national debt ceiling is being raised, in conjunction with spending cuts by the federal government. In simplest terms we are going to try and not owe as much and as fast, as we spend what we have.

In laymen’s terms, they’re sliding the dick in slowly, as opposed to tearing our ass out in one big thrust. From all the info I have been privy to (and that doesnt necessarily mean its correct), this economic collapse is just about a certainty. It’s just a matter of when. This deal pushes the inevitable back a bit, but it doesn’t change the meaning of the word “inevitable”. What is does mean, is that while we’re waiting for the high-hard-one to reach our lower intestines, we are going to be even worse off than we are now. There are something like $1 trillion in taxes being proposed, and cuts to a litany of things including medicare (poor granny).

The good news is that Americans will have the time to familiarize themselves with the new proposal once it’s finalized because there are still as many Americans unemployed today, as there were in the 30′s. Did I mention that this is what we will be dealing with before the real trouble starts? Look, government is not my forte. Once I realized that the powers that be keep their agenda moving no matter how many times we catch them rigging a voting booth, I  just lost interest. I am interested in eating though. I am interested in who’s gonna snap cuz they can’t take it anymore. I am interested in why I won’t be getting any social security money when I get old. And I’m really interested in when Hall and Oates are going to be playing at Madison Suare Garden again . . . but I digress.

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