Willow Smith 9 years old is the newest child star to take the world by storm since Justin Beiber. She’s a Hip Hop Rock Star daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett- Smith! Coming out with her own style of music and fashion proving that the men in her family aren’t the only ones that have talent, fitting right in with the Smith empire.. She sort of reminds me of a Lil Rhianah especially with the punk rocker clothes and colorful nails which I love. Shes totally being herself, great since of style and she doesnt appear to be shy in front of the cameras at all. I love the dance moves in the video the song is smoking hot!! I cant get it out of my head especially when I see the video. No changing the channel on Willow she keeps you amped..

Following in her older siblings footsteps taking charge of her career doing what she loves to do and its so obvious. I have never seen a black family in the entertainment business where 2 or more of the kids are following in their parents footsteps.. The Smith Family is the first so if you know different feel free to leave a comment.. And I mean successful black kids on a consecutive basis.. I love Willow she stole my heart at first I thought she was just another kid trying to make a career off her parents.. But no this girl is a star and child fashion icon a great example on how to have a career and still be a beautiful kid. Cant wait to see and hear more from young Willow Smith. Watching her grow into a young lady should be very interesting…

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