Thank the aliens for the stupid. It just makes life a little bit easier to deal with when you sit at your computer on a nondescript day, and see a story about a moron who dies after shooting “hot beef fat” into her face. Oh my aliens, that is one of the funniest things I have ever read. Outside of diabetics and heroin addicts, who the fuck shoots themselves up with needles if they don’t have to? In the face no less. And not with their own fat, but the fat of a cow. And not room temperature, or tepid, or luke warm beef fat, but HOT beef fat. You can’t tell me that the phrase “hot beef fat” isn’t funny all by itself? Just say it . . . hot beef fat. Hilarious. Now add to that some idiot shooting it into her face, and then dropping dead later. Thats the shit you would see on Mad TV.

Sadly I have to report that upon further examination by medical officials, this supreme narcissist Janet Hardt, did not actually die from the injections. She died from peritonitis, which is severe abdominal inflammation caused by a bacterial infection due to a ruptured colon. That is a lot less funny than a direct demise from such a preposterous practice. But, if she was ironically taking it up the ass from a bull, and had her colon ruptured, then the hilarity could be salvaged. Perhaps we’ll never know if that was the case, but I’ll always remember her that way. (insert moment of silence)

What we do know is that not only had this woman undergone several plastic surgery procedures, but according to sources, was obsessed with fucking her face up. Not in her deluded mind of course. She was reportedly “grotesque” from the scarring and infections that developed on her mouth and lips from the repeated and apparently poorly performed self-injections. It’s clear to me that society has claimed yet another galactically stupid victim. This woman was 63 years old, and apparently refused to go down without a fight. The idea of looking your age in America today seems almost as crazy as shooting Bessie’s hot juices into your face. This article wasn’t presented with this woman’s movie, television, or Hustler centerfold credits. This means that chances are, her looks had very little to do with her lively hood, or ability to take care of herself or her family. What it does mean, is that the wrinkles and creases nature was putting on her face impeded her ability to be happy with herself. Thats the real sad part. It’s either that, or she shot “mad cow” juice in her face, went fuckin nuts, and shoved a hunk of brisket in her ass, subsequently rupturing the afore mentioned colon. Yeah, I’m gonna go with that one.

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