Kevin Black Owner of World Star

Being Paid By World Star

Supposedly paid off World Star!

Back on September 8 2009 a video was made accusing World Star Hip Hop of being a fraud. According to sources World Star charges a minimum of $3,000 for a post (which they claim it’s just  $300-$500 to have their video on the site). According to 50 Cent, Rick Ross and his camp wrote lots of check to World Star Hip Hop for extra extra publicity, especially during the time of their beef. Which leads us to the next topic, Kat Stacks her book, and etc.

Doing some research online I noticed that they’re has been a lot of activity with all exclusives of Kat Stacks, and then I realized this couldnt be accident, she is all over the media or just coincidence! She has been getting a lot of attention from the gossip blogs and from websites one in particular World Star. Apparently World Star has been paying Kat Stacks for every piece of filthy gossip and information that will help with their ratings or should we say hits….Kat Stacks had a conversation with Mr. Kandyman online saying that World Star gave her a book deal and they basically pay her to expose hip hop stars. Kat Stacks herself is claiming that World Star is behind everything she is doing.

World Star is also being accused of tampering with the number of hits particular artists receive. I guess this is based on the amount of the check being written out. The owner Kevin Hart states that his website is a place where people can go see everything (meaning if their but naked women in the video, they want you to see). He also stated that BET messed up when they stopped showing the uncut videos by hip hop artist. Stating it helped boost his site enormously.

Here is a comment posted by Kelfer Mookie online: World Star is a lame site… I don’t know why people keep going to it… The site is plain racist I don’t know how you cannot see that. It’s disgusting how racist the content on the site is. Also the site is infested with white people with no jobs making racist comments.

Well all I can say is if they are selling sex on the site that is bad for business and definitely not a good way to do business. Some people just go too far with the garbage they are willing to give and receive. Just a couple of years ago World Star was nowhere but once they started posting x-rated videos and being paid off by the major labels and superstars they site took off. Look how far trash takes you!!!!!  Oh yea also cheating on the HITS!!

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