OMG Raekwon’s new album, Shaolin vs Wutang is Incredible, The Chef broke it down so that it can forever  be broke…!  Shaolin vs Wutang had 8 straight get down & dirty hard body winners on it, with 4 nice pieces to follow, Real Rap..!  Rock & Roll, with Jimmy Jones & Ghostface is clearly the summer banger, Nas, Black Thought, & Estelle,  Is dangerous, Raekwon & Method man put in crazy work!

By the way , RaeKwon threw Rick Ross on a track for GP,  aka I was in the Mood!

I am extremely impressed with the body of work that Raekwon has put together, and he did it without the RZA..! He keep it 100, and said the RZA gave him love, but his heart wasn’t in it, cause he had a lot of things going on..! Therefore RZA is not on the Album, and its one of WUTANGS best body of work..! Ghostface really shines on this project, he put in madd work and really did his thing. Inspectah Deck & Estelle Chop Chop Ninja, is that SHIT..!

I SUGGEST EVERYBODY PURCHASE THIS ALBUM, AT LEAST ONE…!    Y’ALL HEARD IT HERE FIRST is elevating Hip Hop Culture back from the gutter, and putting an end to those other garbage, fake hip hop sites.

New York City, and the world as their witness…!   HipHopWorld.Com has arrived, prepare for the revolution, it will be televised ! The return of the even playing field…!

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